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Dubrovnik General Hospital parking

Along the most modern equipment for parking payment and payment via SMS (mParking - 707008) we introduced payments through mobile applications ParkWallet on iOS (iPhone) and Android platforms via credit card. By this improvement, city of Dubrovnik was among the first in Croatia that introduced this form of payment for parking. It is free application for the payment of parking via smartphones at no cost towards the mobile operator, which greatly reduces the cost of parking payment.

As well, we provide the possibility of using privileged parking ticket for legal entities and individuals, as well as the tourist weekly tickets as a special offer due to immediate vicinity of the Dubrovnik airport.

mParking 707008 - City of Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik General Hospital parking)

For more information feel free to contact us via:

     GSM: +385(0) 91 20000 42
     Tel.(central): +385 (0) 51 688 400
     Fax.: +385 (0) 51 688 402
     e-mail dubrovnik

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